Rubik's Nations Cup 2019

The World Rubik’s Cube Championship 2017 hosted the inaugural Rubik’s Nations Cup, an event based on teams of three competitors from the same country. This unofficial event will be held again at the Rubik’s presents WCA World Championship 2019, on Saturday evening.

The event is a 3 cube relay knockout tournament. This year, the top 32 registered teams based on sum of official WCA 3x3 average will be selected to participate, up to a maximum of 3 teams per country. Each team must consist of three competitors from the same country.

Further Information

Bracket Challenge

Rubik’s Nations Cup Regulations

  • The competition format is a simple 32 team seeded knockout tournament.
  • Each competitor will solve a single 3x3 cube, one after another. The winning team is determined by the fastest total time.
  • All competitors must use the cube supplied by the organisation team.
  • Standard WCA penalties (e.g. misalignment, timer stops/starts) apply for the solves.
  • The members solve one 3x3x3 cube one after the other. Thus, there are 3 timers, 3 cubes and 3 competitors on the table.
  • The timers are wire linked. These special timers will record individual times and total team time and check that a team member does not start before the previous member has completed their solve.
  • The second and third timers must be started only when the previous member has finished their solve and has put back the 2 hands on the timers. This action lights a green LED on the following timer giving the right to the next member to release their hands and starts their solve, and same for the third team member.
  • Inspection time applies to all 3 members at the same time.
  • After 12 seconds of inspection, all 3 members of the same team must release their own cube on the mat, hold their two hands on the timers.
  • The effective start of the 2 teams giving battle is given by the judge or official speaker.
  • When first solver is cubing, the second and third ones must hold their 2 hands on their timers. Same rule for the third solver while the second is solving their cube. Penalty: DNF.
  • The second and third team members may continue inspecting while their teammate(s) are solving the cube, but must do so with their hands remaining on the timer.
  • The winning team will be the team with the lowest total time.
  • In case of same total times, the best individual solve is used to declare the winning team.
  • This is an unofficial team event, no results will be stored in the WCA database.
  • As this is an experimental format, the judges for this event may exercise discretion in the case of disagreements and rule interpretation - their decision will be final.